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Is your child struggling at

home, school or with their friends? 

Advance OT is here to help!

Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule an assessment 

  2. We'll develop a treatment plan 

  3. Begin therapy 

  • ​Do others reassure you that your child is fine, but you know deep down there's something else going on? 

  • Do you wonder if attention, sensory regulation or coordination might be the causing your child's struggles? 



We help you understand why your

child is struggling and how they can become happy and confident!

  We can help your child in our sensory gym, in your home or in the community! 


  We have helped 100s of families just like your family in

Medicine Hat, Alberta and surrounding area since 2006.

We help your Family learn what is impacting your child's Function and create a plan for moving Forward! 

Father and Children
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